My Dream is to encourage Moms, who are doing the hardest job in the world, to encounter the Invisible God and allow that relationship to overflow onto their family

Welcome Friend And Thanks for stopping by!

To help you get to know me, here are five things I enjoy:

Being in God’s creation. I experience the Lord outdoors-whether I'm on a horse or hiking with a friend.

Experiencing new places. Traveling allows me to experience the world from other people’s perspective.

Speaking. I love sharing with women how the Lord has changed my life and how he can change their lives too.

Spending time with family. Having my children and their spouses come home--I love their smiles and our conversations. 

Hospitality. Whether it is for dinner or overnight, I love to kick off my shoes and curl up to good talks, good food with good people.





Let's get personal!

I've been married to Don since I was 18 and in the summer of 1984, I became a mom and soon after we had three more children; two boys and two girls, all with very different personalities and temperaments! For years, I thought my family was complete but it wasn't—including our kids spouses, we now have eight  children to call our own plus one granddaughter!

I have been privileged to lead Moms groups in the local church for twelve plus years and was the Parenting Coach at a drug and alcohol recovery center for women, in Portland, Oregon.