Moms need a firm foundation to stand on...that's Jesus.

The sleepless nights and busy chaotic lives puts Moms in a potentially vulnerable  place where they need help and encouragement. 



Whether it is a woman in Africa sweeping the dirt floor of her hut, a prostitute in Nicaragua just trying to earn enough for food for her children, or women in America struggling with depression, anxiety and fear, I Iove sharing with women how the Lord has changed my life-and how He can change their's too!

When speaking, my goal is life-change. I encourage women to be brave and to go outside their comfort zone and normal routines and to make life changes that will draw them closer to the Lord--positivelly affecting their whole family."


Invite Brenda to Speak on:  

  • Making God the Center of Your Life, Even in the Chaos
  • Modeling a Life of Faith to your Children
  • Freedom of Forgiveness
  • Forgiving the Men in Your Life
  • Ideas for Moms on Parenting Issues
  • Mentoring Young Moms
  • Loving and Valuing Others
  • Ways to show Hospitality

~...and she is happy to create content specifically for your event!




here is what others say about Brenda

I am so delighted that Brenda has written SOMETHING TO STAND ON because her teaching needs to be shared! The fruit of her ministry continues in our church today as many of the women she mentored are presently serving in leadership roles. She has a heart for women, particularly young moms.
— Ken Wytzma, Pastor
Brenda is a powerful speaker, teacher and Christ shines through her in all she says and does.
— Sam, husband and father of three
Brenda has a unique way of calling me out on my ‘stuff’ without making me feel threatened or judged. . .She has taught me how to be patient and kind while instilling obedience in my children. . .Ultimately she taught me there is no other joy in this life but the love of Jesus.
— Cheryl, wife and Mother of two
She counseled me, guiding me to true forgiveness. Brenda helped me walk forward when I couldn’t take another step. She pointed me to Biblical truth, support and encouraged me to grab hold of life verses to pray through the anxieties and fears that were crippling me.
— Mel, Mother of two and full-time Teacher